Panama to Alaska 2008 travel blog

Pollo stop

Not an exciting day’s drive. We continued parallel to the Pacific coast on the motorway until almost the end of the journey when we turned inland to head towards El Fuerte whence we are to catch the train to the Copper Canyon tomorrow. The most interesting occurrence was lunch with the Woodheads at the roadside. We ate freshly barbecued chicken with tortilla, salad, beans and salsa. There were diesel fumes to inhale and fizzzy drinks to drink but the chicken was delicious. We had some interesting meals with Jenny and Stuart on the London to Sydney rally so we were reminiscing. There was very little traffic and the navigation was not difficult so we made good time.

Our hotel is a Posada in the Spanish style around courtyards. The colours are lovely and our room is comfortable – much more interesting than the seaside one yesterday!

Not much to do in town and because of the heat everyone has stayed close to the pool at the hotel ... including some after dinner (and after tequila) a bit closer to the pool than intended!

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