Nova Scotia Fall 2007 travel blog

Shelburne Harbor

Classic building

The famous cafe

A lobster club


Cooper's Inn

Probably part of a movie set - a number of movies were...

Dory shop and historical museum.


Equipped for fishing. The fishing line has 500 hooks!

The sole of a dory

The loft. Our guide knew her stuff and enjoyed her job.

SidneyeyMahaney - he built dory boats for 80 years.

One of his last boats

The boats were rolled out the second floor window. They built 2...

Friday, September 21

On Friday we spent some time in Shelbourne, where a lot of Loyalists came, after "the unfortunate outcome of the American Revolution", according to one guidebook. The town has been used as a movie set, and is also small and lovely. We had a wonderful lunch at the Shelbourne cafe - Tom had a lobster club sandwich, and Anne had lobster stew. This was all followed by homemade brownies and chocolate cake. We walked around town after lunch, and had a tour of the Dory Museum, where dories (see photos), a flat-bottomed, double-ended rowboats were made for fishing off of schooners at sea near Newfoundland. They were beautifully hand-crafted. Finding a place for the night was another exercise in frustration. The first two campgrounds we had thought would be good looked horrible, so we ended up at a Provincial Park in the woods again.

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