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The part for the slides came in by 11:30 am. It was the size of your finger and it took about 3 minutes to put it in and so we were off and running.. all warranty work so that is good and we stayed 2 free nights in Nashville. Yeah - the slides work when we want them to.

Wouldn't you like to be from Paducah, Kentucky. I like the sound of it. We got in early afternoon, set up and then went to the historic downtown. It is about a 20 block area where they have restored the old buildings and train station. It is where the Tennessee River flows into the Ohio River.

We stayed at Fort Massac State Park across the river in Illinois. All the sites were full so we stayed in the over-flow. In a couple of weeks they have a reinactment of some battle here and someone told us that they were expecting over 100,000 people in town that day and the ones in the park had been there holding their spots for 3 weeks. Glad we came through when we did.

Ah ... cool air today!

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