Anthony's Wild West 2007 travel blog

Me in the Mojave Desert

Long desert roads

Kelso Railroad Depot


Desert ranch

Entrance to desert canyon hike

Power liines in evening light

It was a long days driving today, over 500 miles. At first I was a bit depressed at leaving the forests and mountains and just driving through hundreds of miles of scrubby, baking desert, but as the desert became more mountainous I cheered up, and in the end I had a lot of fun in the Mojave Desert despite all the driving to get there. By the way, this direction of travel is in order to be in Phoenix to pick Erica up on Monday.

I first went to visit some big sand dunes at Kelso in the Mojave, but as it was 110 in the shade and quite debilitating after only a few minutes out of the car, I decided not to spend a few hours hiking over to the dunes and climbing up them. Instead I decided to take a shortcut (15 miles) across the desert on a rough track, rather than drive 60 miles around to where I wanted to go. I quite quickly began to suspect that this may not have been such a bright idea, but it was actually a lot of fun in the end. Even more fun was at my destination, at a place called Hole in the Wall, hiking through this narrow twisty canyon and on the desert, amongst these weird volcanic rocks with holes in.

Then I drove over to Needles, an old Route 66 town to stay the night. Right by Route 66 and the train-track with these enormous trains, but luckily I couldn't hear any of this over the noise of my air conditioning struggling to cope with the temperature.

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