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We're on the road again! We spent a great two weeks visiting family in Ottawa and spending quality time with Renee, Marc and Liam. We especially enjoyed being able to look after Liam for five whole days while Marc and Renee where in Las Vegas. He seems very comfortable with us and it was pretty easy to take over for a few days while Mom and Dad enjoyed a few days off by themselves.

We were travelling behind a weather front and stayed out of the rain pretty much. But, we did get our coach and car pretty dirty from the still wet roads. I'm not sure why it is but most of the campgrounds we stay at don't seem to allow you to clean your RVs. Considering that they are the only places we stay at it is frustrating. Of course, I understand that many of them are in more rural locations and don't have access to city water and have to rely on a well system which may be stretched to the limit by too much use. But, I'm still frustrated :)

We're staying the night at Camping Transit, just east of Levis, Que. We stayed there last year and found it to be very clean and well-maintained. Not sure if we'll make it all the way to Moncton tomorrow, but we're not in a hurry. We'll get there when we get there. That's the beauty of being retired and not having any deadlines to meet.

By tomorrow, Friday, the weather is supposed to be clear and sunny so it should be a great day for driving.

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