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Sumner Beach: Castle Rock

Sumner Beach from Castle Rock

Climbing the rocks

On Castle Rock

Inside Castle Rock

Lunch at the Ruptured Gulls

Lunch guest

After popping out briefly, Kate and I returned late morning to find everyone in the flat having coffee and Paul doing his best to hoover up the leftovers from last night's meal that we'd brought back. Lengthy discussions ensued about what to do today and in the end, everyone else chose to go to the Air Force Museum out at Hornby while Kate and I decided to jump on a bus and check out the seaside resort of Sumner.

It was a nice run along the edge of the Port Hills and the huge sand spit of New Brighton and Southshore created a huge lagoon that was quite impressive. It was turning out to be a nice bright day so we wandered along the beach and scrambled over Castle Rock, taking lots of pictures. Further down the beach there were some surfers and we thought we might return at some point to add yet another sport to our growing list of outdoor pursuits.

We eventually found where all the cafes and restaurants were and chose to have lunch at the Ruptured Duck, and establishment named after an incident where a local ran over the said duck spilling its entrails onto the road. We've never been into a restaurant named after roadkill before but there's a first time for everything. The food was actually very nice.

We got back into town about six and met up with the others, who seemed to have been quite impressed by the Air Force Museum - Mike in particularly is a very keen aviation enthusiast who once worked on restoration projects an air museum in the UK.

We made to Zydeco, the Cajun restaurant, for 8pm as planned. Everyone was in good spirits and the food was really good, and everybody seemed to have a good time.

On the way back, we decided to head to the Southern Blues Bar to see what was going on and we found a wizzened couple of bluesmen crooning away. It was pretty generic stuff but the guitarist was technically very good I thought. Anyway, it was the last night for Kathryn and Mike as they had to get back to school for Monday so we left and went back to the hotel.

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