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White cliffs of Dover


In the Paris Metro






Arc du Triumph


Notre Dame



The Louvre Garden


Me and James


In the Louvre



This will be short and sweet, internet cafes are non existent and I am using the one in the hotel which costs 8 Euro for 30 minutes! Obscene! And I can't upload photos AND the French keyboard puts the characters in different places so it takes AGES to type...

But I am alive and well. I love Paris, it so romantic. Will have to come back with someone to be romantic with sometime! Went to the Moulin Rouge, the Louvre; Notre Dame Cathedral; up the Eiffel Tower, have eaten frogs legs and snails (suprisingly delicious!)

Sorry I haven't replied to emails and messages in awhile, am still waiting to find a cheap internet place...and am having just too much fun :)

But I am back in mobile contact now so can receive texts!!

AND.............GREAT NEWS!!!!

For those of you who know of the dramas I had with work before I left re JIRT trying to transfer me to Liverpool, well the Association took it to the Assistant Commissioner who agreed that JIRT were in the wrong and I am to remain at Chatswood on my return!!! Yay!

I might come home after all now :)

Its been sometime coming but I have finally found an internet cafe to update the details of what I have been up to.

I left London to start my Contiki tour with 48 others on 23 October. We travelled to Dover and caught the ferry over to France and made our wat to Paris. I fell in love with the city, it sounds so cliche but it truly is the city of love!

We went on a night tour of Paris all lit up that evenin and the most amazing part was stopping to look at the Eiffel Tower all lit up and then, for 10 minutes every hour all these fairy lights shimmer from the top to the bottom. It was just mesmerising, I stood and stared for ages.

The following day I went up the Eiffel Tower, but couldn't go all the way to the top as it was blowing a gale and it was too dangerous. But the view from the 2nd level was still fab! Following that I went for a wander around the city with one of the guys who I've made friends with, James, and we wandered all over doing the usual sightseeing and the obligatory shopping!

That night we all went to the Moulin Rouge for dinner and a show. It was great fun, lots of glamour, glitz and nudity! After that we kicked on at an Irish pub til the early hours of the morning. When I got back to the hotel I stayed up chatting until about 4:30am, knowing it would be a struggle in the morning to get on the bus at 8am.

Then disaster struck....I woke up in the morning and the clock said 8:10am, I thought this was impossible, I have NEVER slept through an alarm. But that was the case for both me and my room mate, Tanya, we had to throw on clothes through all our things in our begs and run like the wind for the coach looking like a couple of horrors in last nights clothes, smeared make up and bed hair... what a start....and everyone was waiting for us...

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