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Lyn and I on her balcony

Lyn John and I at the Chinese

Caves at Nerja

ooh er that's an interesting one

Shopping in Granada

The Alhambra from the Generalife gardens

Water feature Generalife gardens

Water bannisters!!

Vire over Granada from Generalife gardens

Wow almost no people!

Most important - the 'wine gate'in the Alhambra!

Inside the palace - the throne room, Granada

More star shapes in the Alhambra

That'll be the Spanish 'tour de france'in the Alpujarras

Alpujarras view

The highest village in the Alpujarras - Ducky wont go down there!

Well it has been a very busy week - but Mike please dont get too excited by the title, there is nothing saucy in this entry!!

After visiting Cordoba the day I dropped Laura at the airport, I had to stay about 15 miles away as that was the nearest campsite. I thought about going back the next dat to have ann Arab bath, but it was too far to drive, a long walk once I parked so I decided to move on. I was getting very tired of the heat by now so I headed for a lake that is a breeeidng ground for flamingos. Sadly, they had all grown up and flown by the time I got there and anyway there wasnt much lake left'- I gather they have been short of rain this year. The campsite was nice, but I soon relaised that there was yet another big group of youngish men there and that usually means shouting and loud music til the early hours. So as it got to midnight and they startd to get going for the night, I walked into town where I was sure fiesta was going on. I got to watch a procession of men carrying this huge statue of the virgin into the village, very slowly with lots of stops, people carrying candles and fireworks along the way. Amazing the things people do in the name of religion! After a short night of sleep I left the campsite and drove to Antequar, th giant supermarket on the edge of town was completley shut for a religious festival - mind you, in town the churches were empty and the bars um.. open!!

Found a great bar, high up, wonderful views very quiet - very nice lunch :-)

Friday was my daughter's birthday and I had my first big downer cos I missed seeing her, we spoke on the saturday and both ended up booing - aaah! I had parked on a planned site in Nerja but was annoyed to find the pool dominated by another group of noisy young men, the bar drowned with the sound of sport and I was by another busy road - suddenly I got fed up as well as missing my daughter - definitely my worst day. On the Sunday I texted Lyn, who I know from my mis spent youth - she and her partner John have bought an apartment in Nerja and we agreed to meet up. Lonely Planet had almost nothing to say about Nerja, but it was pretty, not over developed and I had a lovely day which included a Chinese meal for 6 euros each (4 quid)! The next day I visited the caves of Nerja on Lyn's recommendation - huge and well worth a visit then moved on to one of my biggest markers - Granada

I'm not sure how long i have wanted to vist there but it is FAB! The main attraction is the Alhambra, build by muslims from about 1300 - so beautiful, so carefully crafted, hard to belive their thoughts about architecture come from the same Koran that makes modern Muslims blow people up. Also wonderful shope with avery middle eastern flavour. I could have bought LOADS of belly dance stuff there, but restricted myself to one belt and one pair of spangly shoes - total cost 14 euros!

After two nice nights in Granada on a more quiet site, though the thunderstorm one night was quite something. I'm sitting in a campsite office writing this, in the Las Alpujarras, valleys and hills south of the mountain range called the Sierra Nevada - I drove up there yesterday and found myself in a deserted ski resort, and though I could see a long way, it wasnt that special without any snow!

So, time to move on again - and the whole point of the title is that I have had a lot of one night stopovers this week and they are tiring, I'll do one more tonight and then have three nights in one place

Hope you are well and happy


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