Laurene's European Adventure 2006/2007 travel blog

After spending the day packing and hanging out with Kris for one last time I headed down to the airport. Went a bit early because I just couldn't wait to get outta here! Turns out my flight was delayed by about 20 minutes. Once I got in to Edinburgh I got my bags and hopped on a bus to city center. Dad was waiting for me as I got off the bus and mom was in the train station attempting to phone me to see if I was still coming since my plane was late and they didn't know where I was. We all made our way to our hostel which was really nice and had a cup of tea and got caught up. Grandma and Aunty Myrna sent me some cards with mom so that was nice to get from back home. I also got some pictures of Ava from Cory and Connie..thanks!

We headed to bed early since we were all tired and wanted to get an early start the next morning. So far, my first impressions of Edinburgh are 100 times better then Dublin. I love it here!

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