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New type of grain elevator

Flax in Bloom

Prairie hay crops

Rosetown - CinB

Innovations in pavement overlays

Outlook sign - Rainbow Capital of Canada??

Skywalk from Hwy

Rennovated by Canadian Military Engineers

Skywalk from entrance

Skywalk perspective

South view from Skywalk

Late storm from Skywalk entrance

Outlook campsite

Sunset over Skywalk





Another hot sunny day - started at about 16 degrees at 7 am and by mid day was about 34 degrees.

Relatively flat ride with several rolling hills. Made real good time in the morning then winds shifted to about 2 o'clock and slowed us down . After following hwy 7 to Rosetown we went on hwy 4 then picked up hwy 15 to Outlook. When we turned on Hwy 15 the winds shifted, picked up , and we enjoyed a good tail wind for about 25km and travelled at an average speed of about 42kph - those are the winds that we are looking for , for the rest of the prairies - we can only hope..

About 5 km east of Kindersley we passed a large grain elevator

- this was the same elevator that we had seen the day before while standing on a rise about 30 kms west of Outlook - it is amazing the distance you can see on the prairies - especially where there is no smog nor pollution & of course the flat lands. Open prairies- lots of crop variety - wheat, flax (beautiful blue colour when in bloom)

, furrow land ( crop rotation), beautiful yellow canola and lots of hay

. Haying is done continuously along the road right of ways - right up to the shoulders of the road.

Various new smells along the route as we have enter the prairies : cow trailers passing on the road, slews and water ponds, various aromas form the various crops - all adding to the experience.

Passed through Rosetown - I had judged Communities in Bloom there last summer & they are ready again this year

- a pretty town along the hwy 7 and a turning point for either Regina (south east ) or Saskatoon ( north east).

Paving surfaces are very interesting - a real variety -changing every 10 to 20 kms - the different surfaces really affect the smoothness of the ride as well as the speed - most of the "paved shoulders" are quite rough , bumpy , potholes and intermittent gravel - by design most of the roads we travel on have light traffic & we are able to cruise down the actual road surface. The worst are the asphalt patches applied earlier this summer and not yet well compacted combined with the hot sun - you essentially "sink" into the pavement and slow down by 5+ kph. Interesting treatment along hwy 15 - four separate thin overlays were applied horizontally along the wheel lanes of the road - pretty picture


Another interesting observation - the land is NOT flat - it feels that we are continuously going up hill - my theory on this is that the earth is curved and rotates from the east to the west : therefore we are always going uphill climbing the rotating curve of the earth..

Outlook nice little town along hwy 15 was our stop for the night -

interesting colour design for the entrance sign - it is to signify the nice rainbows and sunsets they get in this region. One of the main attractions of the town is their Skywalk

- reported as the longest pedestrian elevated walkway in Canada. It is the abandoned CPR railway bridge over the South Saskatchewan River , the bridge was renovated as a walkway by the Military Engineers as a Engineer Centennial and Trans Canada Trails project in 2003


Other pictures of skywalk

. Looking south from the bridge you get a great view of the South Saskatchewan River & a different perspective of the prairies.

. While at the bridge a sudden and quick thunder & lighting storm developed - likely the result of the really hot day and the cloud build up. This provided an interesting background for the bridge


Campsite at lookout was one of the nicest - we had our own shelter for cooking & eating - showers etc great.

. Several us went for a quick dip into the River - rally cool - but very refreshing - very sandy bottom..

As a result of the storm etc the sunset that night was quite spectacular -

We meet a lot of people along the way - with our numbers and biking outfits etc we are continuously asked where are you cycling to and from ? - when we say from Victoria to St John's we get lots of interesting reactions - from : wow - good for you to a farmer who had stopped to give us cold water and remarked - "you people are not taking your medication". We have been called crazy!!

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