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Ohme Garden

Ohme Garden

Ken is yawning

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If you ate an apple today, it probably came from around here. That goes ditto for cherries and pears. It seems somewhat odd that this is such an agricultural area, since it is so dry; the sun shines 300 days a year. But Wenatchee is at the confluence of the Columbia and Wenatchee Rivers, so reliable water is just a pump away. Strategically placed dams guarantee cheap, reliable power. Wenatchee also claims to be the home of the world's largest apple pie. So far, no one has offered us a piece...

We are camped at Confluence State Park, which boasts a bike trail that goes up one side of the Columbia River and back down on the other. That is our goal for tomorrow. Today we stopped at Ohme Gardens, which I enjoyed and was definitely a ho-hum for Ken. The gardens were started in 1929 by a orchardist and his wife on a crag overlooking the water. For twenty years they hauled up plants, soil, rock and water and built themselves a quiet, green oasis high above the river. It was such a special little Eden that its fame grew and so many people came to visit that the Ohme's charged 25 cents a car - a fortune in the 1930's. It was lush with ponds and plants, most of which I did not recognize.

We have been carrying a load of wood from home around in the back of our truck. It looks like we will finally be able to use it for a camp fire tonight. Thus far, we have camped in other likely spots that did not have fire rings or banned fires altogether because of dry conditions or it's been too hot. With all the watering here the grass is green and lush and fire pits are provided. This might not be all that remarkable, but this is the same wood we carried around all last winter from AZ to Mexico to CA to TX. 10,000 miles - well traveled wood. For that entire trip we never found a campground that allowed us to have a campfire. Kind of makes a s'more an endangered treat!

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