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You can sure tell when we haven’t traveled for awhile.

We become complacent after nearly seven years on the road and, in spite of a checklist, things do not always go the way we want them to go.

We took out time this morning and had everything ready to go by a few minutes after 8:00.

Marilyn had completed her checklist and then went back to get a bottle of water from the fridge.

As we pulled out from our Site I noticed that the camera wasn’t working and I seemed to have no trailer brakes.

I fooled around with the electrical connection and soon all was well, except for the rear view camera.

The camera is pointed down too much and only shows things which are very close to the RV, like the stepladder, etc.

It would show the front of the car if the car was hooked up for towing.

One more camera issue is that the picture is upside down.

In any case, Marilyn was driving her car and following me, so away we went.

She called me on the radio to let me know that I had no trailer lights again.

All in all we made three stops before we reached I-10 and I finally used a small bungee cord to stay connected. I also disconnected the camera cable as it was acting as a force pushing the main plug away from the receptacle.

Finally, things were working well except for the camera which I left disconnected. As we approached Tucson I heard a loud “Beep” from my Pressure Pro system. It was telling me that the inside dually on the passenger side was over pressure, reading 66 pounds.

I suppose the heat from the road raised it from 60 to 66 causing the alarm to go off.

That pressure is not really an issue for concern and I got tired of the beep sounding once every 30 seconds, so I turned the system off, choosing to plug it once in a while just to check things.

The truck did well climbing the hills going east from Tucson, and we arrived at Fort Willcox RV Park at a quarter before 12:00 noon.

We were soon plugged into 50 amp service, had the water hooked up, and all was well. We thought!

I took the truck down the road about one mile to fuel up at a cost $4.049 per gallon.

When I returned, Marilyn was up set. It appears that when she retrieved her bottle of water, she forgot to re-lock the fridge and several items fell out. Also the temperature inside was up to 48 degrees and there was a small dent in the door.

We decided to go to a BBQ place for lunch.

Now you folks who follow our blog, or who know me well, may already guess what came next.

The BBQ place was closed, as was every other restaurant in town.

It is Easter Sunday you know. Sigh…….

We did see a Dairy Queen which was open but it was a small one with no food items other than ice cream. Sigh…

What is a guy supposed to do….

Marilyn ordered a Sundae while I opted for a Oreo-Mint Blizzard.


Actually we are even more thankful that Lee & Betty gave us several slices of Ham for the road.

That will be dinner tonight.

Now back to the fridge issue.

The temperature was remaining at 48 degrees. Marilyn remarked that we also didn’t have any lights or microwave.

Oops! My Bad! I plugged in the power cord but forgot to switch the circuit breakers to ON.

Like Marilyn says, “We need to travel more often!”

Although I wish I could say that this has been an uneventful day, at least we seem to have a handle on things now, and a little head shaking will only make us do better tomorrow.

Actually we have an adventure planned for tomorrow, so check back in with us.

Life is Good!

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