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South Austin Church had their main Christmas service this morning. It was upbeat and sometimes funny. It began with a video of a takeoff on “The Twelve Days of Christmas”. I wish I had written down the twelve gifts because now I can’t remember them all! Some that I do remember are:

Day 1: A dead brown Christmas tree – Showing some ornaments falling off. At the end of the twelve verses, it bursts into flames.

Day 2: Two missing parts – Showing a father trying to put together a bicycle. At the end he just throws the bicycle.

Day 3: Three crying babies – With the harried mother putting packages in the trunk when the shopping cart starts rolling away with the babies inside.

Day 4: Four weird in-laws – With the people dressed in funny-looking clothes and making faces.

Day 5: Five extra pounds – With a woman getting onto the scale and then wailing. At the end, she throws the scale out of the window.

Day 6:

Day 7: Seven Christmas parties – Showing a couple flopping down onto the sofa in exhaustion.

Day 8: Eight suitcases missing – Showing some people sitting with one small bag beside the luggage carousel at the airport.

After the video there was special music, readings and ballet. It was very well done and the church was decorated nicely.

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