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Marilyn & I were up early this morning. Our plan was to drive home to Gold Canyon, and we wanted an early start for the 7 hour drive.

We checked out of our Motel (Which I intend to write about tomorrow) at 7:00 this morning, chatted with several of the very nice employees for a few minutes, and then left in the dark, without taking time for coffee.

Marilyn complained of a headache and we planned to stop just 17 miles down the highway, at Kanab, Utah, for coffee and maybe some breakfast.

It is hard to believe but we didn’t see even one restaurant open in the town of Kanab, and before we knew it, we were out of town headed for Fredonia, Arizona.

We were sure we could find something open in Fredonia but we were wrong once again. Sigh….

I did stop to allow Marilyn to drive and she drove through the mountains, past the north rim entrance to the Grand Canyon, across the Navaho Bridge at Lee’s Ferry, and on to Cameron, Arizona, where we stopped for breakfast at the Navaho Trading Post.

We once stopped here with friends from Monroe City.

We think of Joe and the Navaho Taco he ate here, and remember the fun we had teasing him about the hot peppers.

Marilyn & I enjoyed a nourishing breakfast with several cups of coffee, which seemed to help Marilyn’s headache quite a bit.

After breakfast she shopped for a few minutes while I fueled the car. I then waited patiently for my Honey to return to the car for the ride home, carrying her newly found treasures.

We made really good time until we were only three miles from home.

There was an accident just a mile and a half from our resort and traffic moved at a crawl when it moved at all.

In any case, we were home, all unpacked, and ready to relax, by 2:30 in the afternoon.

We had a fine trip to visit Zion and Bryce Canyon National Parks.

Both of these parks were beautiful and fun to visit, and Bryce has been added to our list of “Most Beautiful Places” we have seen.

Having visited 48 states and 38 foreign countries, we have seen many awesome places and it was a pleasure to add these parks to our list.

Sometimes we just can’t help but say that Life is Good!

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