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I couldn't resist showing you this sign

The bikers are everywhere

Isn't this nice?

Cute braids

The rain really brought out the colors

Leaves falling on the Hooch (That's what the locals call Chattahoochee)

Just one of the Beer Gardens

Found this darling Chapel too


Here we go, on our way to the falls

It's beautiful here

Almost there

Intresting.. Sign says, Between a rock and a hard place

We're getting there

We made it finally

Nice Nice Nice

The trip down was just as beautiful

Our Park

Nice huh?

Today was a fan-tab-u-las day... It started continued to rain all night and moost of the morning but just when we went back to Helen the rain stopped and before long, the sun was out.... We poked around a lot more places in the sweet little town and tooks tons more pictures before leaving for Unicol State Park.... The Park is quite close to Helen and after driving thru the Park you come back into the Chattahoochee National Forest and a five mile drive takes you to a visitors center for the Anna Ruby Falls area.... The center was closed but the ½ mile trail was open to the falls... The trail was even steeper than the one we took to Clingmans Dome but we started at a much lower altitude so it didn't seem quite as bad... Besides, it was so pretty on the way up that we stopped a lot and we were rewarded to an incredible sight when we reached the top.... After all the rain that has fallen the last few days the falls were awesome.... There are three different falls in that area.. The top one has a drop of 153 ft and then after a small detour it drops another 50 feet but to the right of both of them is another one.... All in all when the eye sees all three together it is spectacular.

We came home to the park and it is really beautiful here right now... I took some pictures of it to share with you too... These mountains are really beautiful but we will be very glad when it is time to move on.... It does take its toll on you driving all the hills and curves.

The internet is as slow as molasses tonight so keep coming back until I get all pictures posted... If it takes too long, I will have to try again in the morning...

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