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Marilyn & I looked forward to a return visit to Zion National Park today.

We were up, showered and dressed a few minutes before the restaurant opened. Once they allowed us in we ordered coffee and a good breakfast.

We enjoyed the meal along with the friendly banter with the waitress.

The temperature on the car thermometer showed 28 degrees this morning and we noticed frost on several cars in the parking lot.

On the drive to the park today, we saw more deer, and some buffalo. Yesterday we spied a Big Horn Sheep, and today, in the park, we took pictures of several wild turkeys.

The temperature remained cold enough to make a jacket feel comfortable all day today.

The picture taking conditions were not very good either, because we were deep inside a canyon and the sun was shining only on the very tops of the mountains.

The pictures appear washed out but they are all we have, so that is what you get today. LOL

We had noticed on our drive to Mt Carmel yesterday, a sign advertising a State Park called Pink Coral Sand Dunes, only a few miles south of us here, so today, after leaving Zion, we drove out to that State Park.

It wasn’t much but we donated $6 to help support the park and drove in, then parked and took a short walk in the powder soft sand.

I will post the pictures to allow you to make your own decision about the value.

Before I finish the post today, I just want to remind all of you dear readers once again, that all messages sent to the blog are subject to being posted in the guestbook, unless you request that they not be included in the guestbook postings.

I try not to post anything which contains personal info such as phone numbers, addresses, or emails, but I ask that you be your own censors. If you do not want a message to become public, please state that request in the message.

Better yet, if you wish to correspond with me in private, please request my private email and we can communicate that way.

Thank you for your compliance in this regard.

Tomorrow we’ll journey north to Bryce Canyon National Park and we hope all of you will come along.

Life is Good!

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