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The road to Chimney Rock

The route

Lots of these turns

Scenery along the way


I didn't even know their was another continental divide. Did you?

Wow. Looks like a fun place

Can you see the vines everywhere?

Our first view of the "Rock"

Looking down

We're on our way to the top

The tunnel to the elevator

Entertainer John Mason

He is playing the Hammer Dulcimar - Very interesting fellow

Still have to climb these stairs to the Flag

We made it

Here's proof

Yup, I'm here too

The Story

Looking back to the bottom

Our Trail Choice

Beautiful but up-hill

And up-hill

What a rock on this tree that doesn't have any roots..... I'm...

Yup, still up-hill

I can see it

But still up-hill

Is it worth it?

Looking up at the other trail's viewpoint

The leaves here are gigantic

Back in the Village



The River

The Lake


This was on the bathroom wall

This too

One more tidbit

One more on the River

Chimney Rock Park, NC. Anyone traveling in this area and several hundred miles surrounding this area has pictures of the beautiful Chimney Rock... The story goes as this...

At the turn of the century, Dr. Lucius Morse, a physician from St. Louis came to the area to seek a more favorable climate.... He was entranced by the awe-inspiring mountain of stone and dreamed of developing Chimney Park as a park for all to enjoy. In 1902 he purchased the 64 acres of Chimney Rock Mountain for $5,000.00. For over 100 years the Morse family remained the owners and stewards of this park. It was just this year, in May of 2007 that the State of N. Carolina and others bought the land and turned it in to a State Park with the promise to preserve and share the area with visitors.

Chimney Rock is a wonderful village just 25 miles SE of Asheville and we got an early start there this morning.... In fact it was so early that the fog hadn't lifted yet and Bill kept on saying that we weren't going to see a thing when we got there..... Of course, I was right again ,tee hee, and the sun came out in full force... In fact it got so hot that it felt like we were in a sauna.

The entrance to the park is right in the middle of town but you drive for a mile uphill before you get to the ticket gate.... After paying your admission you drive another 1 ½ miles to the recreation area and what we found out later was a huge parking lot for those that took the shuttle to the top.... In our case, we were early enough that there were still parking spots at the top so we drove the rest of the switch back roads to the parking lot at the top.... Well it really wasn't the top but close.... From there you could hike to the top or take an elevator the last 280 feet.... Well that wasn't really the top either, we still had to climb a bunch of stairs to finally reach the US Flag.... Piece of cake..... The views were awesome....

We really wanted to take a nice hike here and we had two choices.... Both lead to a waterfall.... One was the Skyline Trail that had a lot of steep steps for the first 20 minutes or so and then leveled out around the ridge of the mountain to the top of the waterfalls...This is the one our friend Malia took (you'll have to copy and paste or type this in to see it because I can't post a url on this blog.)

The second was the Hickory Nut Falls Trail that went around the mountain to the bottom of the falls.... The rating of the Hickory Nut Falls was moderate and was quoted as such:...." This gently rolling trail has several moderate uphill sections and a small amount of steps at the base of the falls." All I can say is WHAT A BUNCH OF CROCK. The gently rolling was rolling uphill all the way and the moderate sections were continues... LOL.... Well we made it and if I don't lose 20# I sure don't know why... I'm sure I lost that much in water poring from my head. You would swear I just got out of the shower with my hair dripping wet and my face beet red.... Well it was 82 degrees and really high humidity.. I can't believe it.

The rest of the story is in the pictures..... It was a wonderful day, really wonderful......

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