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This morning I received a call from Patty, of Dr. Geck’s office, asking me if I could go to Clinical Pathology Labs today. I hadn’t been out of bed very long, so I was relieved to learn that I didn’t need an appointment. She also told me that there will be a bone quality clinic tomorrow at Dr. Geck’s office. I am glad that I can get that out of the way so soon. Patty also informed me that I will need three MRIs (separate ones for each of the three sections of the spine) and two ultrasounds, one of them on my legs. My appointment for these is set for February 6. That will take over four hours.

The technician at the lab couldn’t get the needle into the vein in my right arm, so he got a smaller needle and easily inserted it into my left arm. He drew four samples.

On the way home I stopped at Savers Department Store to buy some pajamas. I found seven pairs that will work for me. My old PJs are in sad shape. Now maybe I won’t be ashamed!

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