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Afternoon Clouds

Afternoon Clouds

Afternoon Clouds

Another year gone and what a year it has been! I’ve had some wonderful experiences that I will long remember. Of course, there are also the events that I wish had not happened!

Today I went to the Senior Center and stayed longer than I usually do. First, I got caught up on my trip journal and e-mails. Virginia joined me for lunch there but couldn’t stay very long because she had some errands to run.

After lunch I played Mexican Train with five others. This was different from the way we play in my RV club. They use a double-twelve set and play by different rules. It seems as though every group plays by different rules. They had decided to go by the official rules to make it easier. That’s the first time I’ve ever played with double-twelves so I had to pay closer attention to the number of dots. I guess I did alright, though, because I was the winner.

I decided to stay for the December birthday party. There were about eight who had birthdays this month. Due to a miscommunication along the line, we didn’t have cake; but we did have ice cream (Blue Bell sugar-free or regular) and Sprite. I tried the sugar-free and liked it. Of course, anything that Blue Bell Creameries makes is delicious.

As I was leaving the Senior Center I saw the most beautiful and unusual clouds above us. Naturally I whipped out my little camera and took several shots. I’m so glad that I bought this camera so I can have it in my purse at all times. I used to miss a lot of special shots because I didn’t have a camera handy. Now, no more!

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