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Flew to Bali to try to organize a trip to see the Komodo dragons on Rinca island.

Showed up at the airport at 7:30am hoping to get on the 9am flight. Found the single airline that serves the Labuon Bajo airport in Flores was flying out at 8am (not the published 9am time) and was booked out for days. Persistence and pleading eventually got us seats on the 19th (we think, but we plan to show up 2 hours early because we believe they overbook and fly out when full).

We've had to cool our heels in Bali for a few days waiting for our flight. Kuta is full of Australians on holiday, drinking beer for breakfast and shopping like fiends. The touts are aggressive, the beaches are packed and the food is over-priced. It's not a nice place, but it's close to the airport and we've found a cheap, clean room with A/C. A redeeming quality is that there are plenty of cheap massages and internet cafes. We've elected to relax for a few days since we'll be back in Bali (where we plan to base ourselves far away from the beach) for 10 days before we go back to the US.

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