Sand Harbor Boat Ramp...

A wowser...

Another view...

People were diving from the rocks and snorkeling..

Last one, don't miss this beautiful park..

Our next stop on our drive around Lake Tahoe was Sand Harbor. We drove into the boat ramp part of the park, we missed the entrance to the regular park. The beach area in the boat ramp park was outstanding, I can’t wait to go back on our next tour of Lake Tahoe and visit the rest of the park. It must be amazing. :-)

Nevada's east shore is not known for sandy beaches... except for Sand Harbor. While most of Nevada side beaches have coarse sand that is tough on the feet, Tahoe's prevailing breezes deposit a fine-grained white sand here that is the harbor's namesake. However, the area's beauty is derived from the numerous rocks as much as the sand. It's not just about the beauty above water, either. Scuba diving and snorkeling are both very popular here.

We saw people all over the beach area and the rocks. I am not sure how cold the water is this time of year, but it sure was inviting. This update concludes our first tour around Lake Tahoe, we will be making many more trips to drive the scenic drives around the lake, check back later for much more.

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