Michelle and Charlie's Around the World Trip 2004-2005 travel blog

you know that Detroit is near if you see this:

downtown view from the top of the building where I lived for...


where is Eminem?

I went to school in Detroit. Although most of my friends have long left the D, but there are still a few good friends left there, and Michelle met enough ex-pats that we had to stop by.

The city has changed quite a bit since my first days there 15 years ago. The university has gobbled up a lot of land and converted it to nice new buildings. It actually looked quite all right, so Michelle started to doubt our stories. She did until we went by a convenience store where a few guys were hanging in the parking lot.

After a visit to the university area, a drive through downtown and Grosse Pointe we drove to 8 Mile Road and down on Woodward to meet my friend Alex. We spent the evening with him and his wife, Grace.

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