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We finally made it out of town, and began our long trek across Kansas. We had originally planned to stay in Garden City, but since Michael travels a lot in Kansas I thought to call to see where he might be working, and sure enough, he was supposed to be in Dodge City that evening. So we changed our plans and drove on into Dodge to the Walmart there where we could meet him for dinner. His turn to buy; he brought sub sandwiches. We always have a good time when we get together, and this time was no exception. Since he was in his work truck, he was able to show us the drone that he uses on his surveying jobs. Pretty neat!

I found a campground with full hookups at We decided to take 3 days to drive to Oklahoma for my moms final memorial service since it was a good 800 miles from where we were. We got away from Woodland Park around our usual time of 10 AM. Our plan was to stay our first night in Garden City, Kansas, but as we were driving I thought to call Michael to see where he was working. He usually travels quite a bit, and sure Winfield City Lake for our next stop. This was a strange place. The campground was full of trailers and RVs but no one was there. We were the only ones there all night! I thought maybe they were just making sure of a spot for the labor Day holiday. Don thought it was something out of the Night of the Living Dead. Michael said there is a concert that weekend usually so maybe they were actually saving a spot. Anyway, it was a nice campground, and cheap!

Our last night we finally made it to Oklahoma and checked into the Eagles Landing Campground. The last time we had stayed there it was under new management and a lot of renovations were in the works. It was nice to see the progress they had made. Kitty was so happy we were done traveling finally!

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