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Near Flagstaff, AZ

Grand Canyon



Teresa & Trent

Ed, Marilyn, Teresa and Trent

Ed and Trent






Marilyn, Teresa and Trent


At Hermit's Rest

The adventure road trip began this morning when we picked up Trent & Teresa a few minutes before 5:00.

Everyone was excited about a trip to the Grand Canyon and the chatter was non-stop all the way to Flagstaff where we stopped for breakfast at Cracker Barrel.

With that delicious breakfast under our belts, we drove on to the Canyon.

For Marilyn & me, it is the 19th visit to the wondrous place, but for our friends Trent & Teresa, it was the first visit and we were excited to see it through their eyes.

When we parked and walked to the Mather Overlook for their first look at the Grandest Canyon in the world, they seemed a bit stunned. They loved it which pleased us as these friends continued to express awe and excitement at every overlook.

We had hoped to hike some on the Bright Angel Trail but it was covered with snow and ice.

Not to worry because we got plenty of exercise walking to the various overlooks.

By the end of the day I think we were all worn out.

We did have enough energy remaining to go for pizza, which we ate with gusto.

Trent & Teresa had enough pizza left over for breakfast tomorrow but Marilyn & I added to their breakfast by pressuring them to take our last remaining piece.

We were back in our rooms by a little after 7:00 PM, looking forward to another part of the adventure tomorrow, and yet more on the day after that.

Life is Good!

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