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dog park

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We would have a lot more friends at campgrounds if we had a dog. RV'ers love dogs. Many choose this lifestyle, because it allows them to have pets more easily and comfortably than traveling between motels. No matter how early we get up and raise the shades, we see people out already walking their dogs. In the dark, in the rain, there they are leashed to one another. And that's how people meet one another and make new friends. Many campgrounds including ours here at The Great Outdoors have special areas devoted to dogs, giving them a large fenced in space to run free and play with each other. The owners sit and chat and watch their dogs gallop around and visit with each other. There's even a golf car trail where you can exercise your dog which runs along side you without exercising yourself. Everyone is happy.

Well, not exactly. At our dog park the sacred hour between 3 - 4pm is reserved for small dogs to use the park. Judging by what I read on Facebook, this is a huge area of contention. Big dog owners show up whenever they want, terrorizing the smaller breeds and their owners. And then of course, there is the "picking up the poop" problem. The dogs do what they have to do. It's up to their owners to pick up and make sure they are in appropriate places.

Dog owners need to understand that not everyone loves dogs as much as they do. I read another Facebook post where a women complained because she had been thrown out of three different campgrounds, because she had let her 70 pound dog run free and he would run up to people and jump on them. She wondered what was wrong with those campground owners.

Occasionally, we go to crowded events; the Tampa RV Show or an art show come to mind. There we are all wedged together in vendors areas, trying to walk around and see what's for sale and there are all these dogs there, wrapping their leashes around your ankles and getting in the way. The people who bring their dogs in baby buggies make the overcrowding even worse.

Even in campgrounds as spacious as ours is, we are still living pretty close to one another. We spent one winter here besieged by the continuous barking of the dog next door whenever his owners went away. He yipped almost as much when they were back, but then adding to the barking was the voice of the owner who would yell at him every time he barked.

Stay inside and turn up the volume.

Dogs are man's best friend; some of their owners not so much.

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