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Bruge- Old City Gate

Old River Gatehouse

Weird Bike

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Bruge City Centre

Day 17 - Tuesday 26th November

Heading West now, homeward bound. The weather has been a lot warmer as we moved away from Germany & the hills in the East. Today we left our car park in Ghent & moved to a more commercial Aire in Bruge. Unfortunately it’s not free & at €19 a night it is relatively expensive. We stayed here once before about three years ago mainly because it is on the edge the city. It does include electricity & water in the daily charge so it gives us the chance to recharge batteries & fill up our water.

We’ve had a look around the main sites here when we last visited so this time we took a walk along the waterway that surrounds Bruge & do a bit of geocaching on the way. Lots of leaves everywhere, it was a bit windy so lots of fresh dry leaves to kick around. It started to rain a bit so we headed into the centre. Another city with a Xmas market set up in the main square. A magnificent bell tower here but I decided that I had had enough bell towers for now & we took shelter from the rain in a handy McDonalds set in a lovely old building.

What’s annoying about these Belgian & German city McDs is that they charge 50cents to use their loos. Generally a woman sits outside with a bowl with a couple of coins in it. At least this one in Bruge gives you a ticket & you can then get your 50cents back when you buy something. The other more annoying thing is being charged 70cents for ketchup, sheer robbery so we just had an ice cream here.

By the time we came out it was getting dark & after a shortish walk around the Xmas market we headed back to the motorhome for yet another evening watching the tele. Although I did give the motorhome a wash down to get rid of some of the road splatter. Just as I finished it started to rain again, never mind.

One thing that struck me today was just how well they cater for cyclists here. I thought Holland was the best but the Belgians really look after their cyclists with special lanes on all the roads in a city. The variety of bikes is impressive too, especially the ones with little carriages on the front for children or baggage.

Mileage today - 31

Total mileage - 1,029

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