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Birch Bay & Blaine

Raspberry farms all throughout this area

Birch Bay

Shellfish limits

Birch Bay

Lots of rules to keep the bay healthy

North end of the bay

Clams, Oysters, Mussels, Cockles, Crabs

Lots of driftwood logs on the rocky beach

Keith enjoying his new camera

Lisa explaining why she is collecting rocks - to paint them.

Keith lost in thought

Collecting rocks

Ron & Larry taking a walk

The group enjoying the bay view

Trying to capture the group

Seagulls waiting for low tide to go claming

Cheryl enjoying the bay view

totem pole in the neighborhood

Next we went out on the spit near Blaine

Its called the Northwest Necklace Aquadic Breadbasket

Semiahmoo Spit and Drayton Harbor

Neighborhood on Semiahmoo Spit

The tide is beginning to go, people will come for clams soon

Called Birch Bay for these dense Birch Forests

We drove over to see Birch Bay today past miles of raspberry farms. It is just south of Blaine, WA. where you can cross into Canada towards Vancouver and Victoria Island.

When the tide is out, this is a very popular clamming spot for both sea birds and people alike. There are fire rings and picnic tables available for cooking up your clams and chowing down. The beach is full of washed up logs but you are not permitted to gather wood for your fire.

It was a bit of of gloomy, grey day but we still enjoyed the views of the bay. Then we began a slow drive along the shore towards Blaine and took a side road out onto Semiahmoo Spit. There were many new houses and condos going up and Ron & Tina took a tour of an open house out on the spit while we checked out the rocky beach.

Besides the Raspberry farms along the route, this area is full of Birch forests, thus the name of the Bay. Birch Bay is definitely a summer beach town. None of the shops were open.

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