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As our thoughts begin to turn toward driving home, it is hard to remember what our home looks like. Except for a brief hiatus for the holidays, we have been gone since last September. Being in the motor home here in Titusville is feeling more and more like home, but our experiences last fall taught us that we don't want to hang around here too much longer as the temperature and humidity rise. But being here in the warm may give us unrealistic ideas about what it will be like if we do head home soon. We're glad our route will not take us through the Mississippi River valley as it would if we were coming from the southwest, our other favorite winter spot, with all the floods in the middle of the country. The plan is to leave here April 1 with a brief stop in the Savannah area. Then we'll head to South Carolina to finish the family visit that Hurricane Florence interrupted last fall. It's been a long time since we've been to Washington D.C., so we have reserved a week to visit things there that we haven't seen. There's a highly regarded rails-to-trails bicycle trail that runs from Washington to Pittsburgh. We're ridden a small portion, but would like to do more. But as I look ahead at the typical temperature range for that part of the country in late April, it might still be too cold and/or wet for enjoyable riding. These days there is less and less typical weather. With the motor home, we can make it up as we go along. We just don't want to get home when the temperatures can still fall below freezing to avoid having to pump anti-freeze into all the water lines.

So in this final week at The Great Outdoors, we are living our lives much as we do at home, enjoying being outside. Overall I would guess that our lives are not much more interesting than yours. We're comfortable and happy, but not inspired to do much writing as we are once our wheels are turning. Ken has gone through the 6,000 photos we took in Antartica and made a 20-minute slide show to share with interested friends and our fellow passengers. He's also been hard at work waxing the motor home and checking that all our systems will work as we expect once he turns the ignition key. We have learned that the motor home is as restless as we are and would just as soon be going somewhere order to continue functioning smoothly. And so we shall.

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