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What a great way to start your day, a hug from your...

An even better way to start your day! Johnnie, with supportive ready...

that face!

Fish Lake, a short life of a lake only while the spring...

Would you pass up the opportunity to stop and have lunch in...

I cleverly used my finger to indicate the road ahead of us,...

There actually was no Summit sign once we struggle to the top...

Of course that is not the end! It is never that simple! Although the title of the entry really sums it all up, let me fill you in on a few details of the day, because it reallly was yet another awesome day!

So we wake up the normal time, throw the sliding door open to welcome in the sound of the roaring McKenzie River as if flows just feet outside our door. Is there anything better than to wake up to the sound of running water??

All packed up and our bikes ready, we head to breakfast provided by the resort. On the way had to stop for a photo with the sweet bear waiting for me with his outstretched paw to say good morning! The first photo opportunity of the day! We found our way to the entrance to breakfast and upon opening the door we were greeted by this cheery voice "Oh are you from room 1?? I have been waiting for you! I want all of your blog details, we want to follow you and so forth and so on! Hugs, enthusiasm, kindness, excitement! What a way to start your day! If I was having doubts about the road and climb ahead of us, it was forced out of my mind! If Jonnie beileved in us so much, we could not fail! It is people like this that greet you with smiles and encouragement that make you want to succeed even more! Thank you Johnnie!!

We had a great breakfast and hit the road! We thought we were pretty clever to rely on our past experience of crossing 5,000 ft passes! Cold air at that altitude, snow even and someone had told us the pass was in fog all day yeseterday, so we planned ahead and bundled up! Mornings are such a beautiful time, traffic is less, air is cool, pure and fresh and the road was kind and gently ascending!

We took our time, knowing it was going to be a long climb but so much for anticipating cold and fog! It wasn't long before we started to warm up and then BLUE SKY!! And it just kept getting warmer! We found a rather private looking side road to stop and remove all of our protective coating! Once we were able to cool off, the sun continued to chase away the clouds and it was just an absolutely beautiful blue sky day! We kept reminding ourselves to take little breaks, the road continued to basically make a gentle rise and we pushed on!

As the road rose and fell we were quite happy to enjoy the gentleness of it knowing we were climbing and thinking it could not continue like this and get us over 5,000 ft!

As we rode, a beautiful flash of blue caught our eye as we came upon a small lake, Fish Lake. We pulled off for a small break and hopefully I will get the photos loaded of this perfect little spot of stillness and reflection! The interesting thing about this lake is it only exist during the spring thaw from the mountain runoff and completely disappears in the summer months! Our timing was perfect and so grateful we got to experience this beauty in its short annual life!

Finally our road connected with the main road that would take us over the pass. 10 Miles of what we knew would be serious climbing! So, as we start the new road, there is a shoulder as wide as a car lane . . . And I said "Lord, if we have this wide Lane all the way up, it would be such a blessing!" And he said . . . "Well, you only need this much" . . . And the shoulder reduced to a size that we felt safe but not nearly as wide as it started out! But then! You wont believe it! Highway cones! Road work was being completed and there were cones up closing the whole lane (it was two lanes wide at this point,one was for passing!) we had a whole lane to ourselves, it was easy to navigate around the machinery!! It went on for miles and I felt the words " well you don't always get what you want . . . But you get what you need!" So cool! We did eventually run out of cones, but knew we were inching towarrds the summit! It wasn't too bad, there were may turnouts where we could stop safely and collect our energy and start again! And we pushed on!

You can imagine our excitement as we crossed the top! We have crossed several big passes on our last trip and this one was nothing like those! There were many flat areas to give us a wee break, there were areas to pull off to rest and it just didn't feel like it was a real grind like the passes of the past! But it was the first one and it was tough enough! When we got to the top, no summit sign!! I felt robbed! That is what kept me going is the photograph! So we had to settle for a sign of the trucks going down . . .oh well, there are many more summits in our future!

But here is the incredible finish to the day! More road works on the down side. We had not gone far and were stopped by the flag men when we crawled past the long line of cars and trucks that were stopped and waiting. The flag man said, I will hold the traffic and you can go over there and ride in the "dead" lane. It was the lane closed to traffic on the way up!! He said be careful in case you see any oncoming traffic and away we went! We went DOWN at 30mph in our own lane for 6 miles! OMG!! When we got to the next flag woman and crossed into our own lane, we knew the traffic was being held and we went another 6 miles downhill with no traffic!!!! Unbelievable! How do you know when your prayers are answered?? You get your own lane! It was a great way to finish the day! And here is the bow on the present. Mike had to stop at DQ as soon as he saw the sign! We get off our bikes and the DQ is playing all Christian music!!! Is that not the perfect reminder to say THANK YOU LORD I know you watched over us all day!! What a day! We have to believe someone is watching over us and today was such a confirmation!!!

Rolled into Sisters OR, no planning ahead, we have been thru here and for sure there would be a place to stay. Well, our luck had run perhaps?? Hotels were excruciatingly expensive, there were only 3! Mike still has this air mattress problem and there did not appear to be a store that would be open long enough for us to get there and look for a replacement! We could have gone to a city campground but no electricity was available for a tent site or even the opportunity to plug in somewhere to charge our phones,communicators and lights! The cycle only camping phone number said they were unaavaillable! Yikes! So at the 11th hour we found Troy at Best Western. .. Troy! You peach of a guy! We not only got the best price in town but he upgraded us to a suite .. . . I am never going to leave this room!! So gorgeous! OMG . . A fireplace, in room jacuzzi, leather furniture, rain shower and robes!!!

It is 11pm and i have been struggling to get photos added, not sure what is going on but i will sort it out! It has been a long day Mike is sawing logs, we had a delicious dinner, i had 2 glasses of wine and oh did I mention we climbed a 5,000 ft pass on bicycles! Time to hit the hay myself! Will get these photos updated and make a few edits!

And that my friends, brings us to the end of another successful day! No matter how big the challenge, take it one bite at a time and you will get there! And BELIEVE!!!

Love you all!

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