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Sod roofed buildings around Alaska are still used

INTERESTING. Satellite Dishes are actually pointed down a little in Alaska


The only door in the world that Cindy has to duck to...

Denali from 60 miles away

Alaska Mountain Range

Driving into the Alaska Mountains

South Peak of Denali

Denali from north end of Mat Su Valley

Alaska Mountain Range

Hurricane Creek (about 500' deep)

Denali from Hurricane Creek

We departed Tok a couple of days ago on our way to Fairbanks. The weather has been rainy and cold for a few days so we haven't been able to enjoy much of the outdoors. On the drive, we stoped at North Pole AK. It's just one of those things that you have to do.

We arrived in Fairbanks but were a little disappointed in what the city had to offer. It is really just a military city and not real scenic. We did get a little shopping done but decided to only stay one day.

We were then off to Denali National Park. We stopped by the park office and purchased tour tickets for the next day, made dog sitting arrangements for Joey and got ready for the trip. It was to be an 8 hour bus trip that would take us about 60 miles into the park. The next morning we arrived at our scheduled departure time, 10:00 a.m. only to find out that our tour left at 5:00 a.m. We have been in a lot of National Parks but this is the most unorganized one we have been in. Anyway, all they could do is refund our money and apologize. You are allowed to drive 14 miles into the park, so we went ahead and did that. To our pleasant surprise, it was a real clear day and we got a great view of Mt.Denali, (Mt. McKinley). It is truly amazing. There are only a few days a year that you can get a cloud free view of the mountain, so I guess we got pretty lucky. The end result is that we got a great view without having to sit on a bus for 8 hours. This is an interesting fact on Denali: The Pacific Plate is still pushing on the mountain and it is getting higher all the time. The mountain grows approximately 3/4" per year.

Another great surprise to me is the magnitude of the Alaska Mountain Range. We left Denali for Anchorage this morning and enjoyed about 100 miles of beautiful mountains and then the Mat Su Valley. All amazingly beautiful.

We will be spending a few days in Anchorage and doing some trip planning for the next leg into the Kenai Peninsula. This will be a great part of the trip. We are looking at a bear watching flight trip, fishing for halibut, and a couple day cruises in Prince William Sound.

More fun to come.

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