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Us in the car

The start of the drive

Rex look out point

The boat crossing

Cape Tribulation

Today we decided to rent a car and drive the Great Barrier Reef road up to Cape Tribulation, which is the furthest point you can drive to.

We rented an automatic which neither of us have ever driven before, surprisingly it wasn't too bad but they have the indicators on the wrong side so every time we meant to signal we would turn the windscreen wipers on!

The drive was beautiful, long stretches of coastal road, sugar cane plantations, rainforests and rivers. We stopped at a place called Palm Cove which was stunning with a lovely esplanade to walk down with lovely shops and hotels on the other side of the road. Needless to say we couldn't afford to even window shop here!

We next stopped at a lookout point where you could see the coastline for miles and miles.

After this, we drove up to Cape Tribulation which took us on a boat across the river in the Daintree national park. Cape Tribulation is essentially a beach surrounded by the rainforest but it is also where the rainforest meets the top of the Great Barrier Reef. Despite it being well knows it was surprisingly quiet which made it all the more beautiful.

On the way back we stopped at an ice cream shop which only dealt in unusual flavours. We had yellow sapote, passion fruit, soursop and wattleseed ice cream, a unique and tasty choice!

We then stopped at Port Douglas on the way back which is essentially a posh version of Cairns before stopping at a beach where people come to put stones on top of one another.

Overall the day was brilliant, full of amazing views and stunning scenery.

Our time in Cairns has been wonderful but we are now looking forward to our long journey down south along the coast all the way to Sydney.

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