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Above the Departmant of Agriculture.Madrid

Street Urinal

Head by rail station

Naval Museum

Drinking Fountain

Neptune on Paeso Del Prado

Just a wall on the same street

Dinner - Paella on Santa Isabella

The Hotel Carlton

The Exhibit at Reina Sofia


Dali's "The Invisible Man"

Up at 7:00 and get dressed and packed and go to lobby and get a cab. Quick trip to the airport then check in and board all very quickly and efficiently. Flight even 15 minutes early, but we had to wait awhile for the bags.

Then a taxi to downtown Madrid to our hotel. The room was ready so we checked right in. Alice was a bit tired so she stayed in the hotel and I went out exploring. First I went to the art museum near the hotel (Reina Sofia) but the guard told me to come back in an hour as it would be free then. Then I decided to go to the Naval Museum, figuring Alice wouldn’t want to do that. Amazingly enough I only got lost once trying to find it – off by two streets. My map app on the phone came in real handy!

Walked down the street it was on and passed several interesting monuments and finally got to the museum… and it was closed. I detect a pattern here somewhere. In any event I walked back along the road and came to a living wall – one huge garden on the side of a building! Quite impressive.

Back to the Sofia and there was a huge line (duh), but I went around to the back entrance where the line was very short. Also interesting in that the line broke where there was sun so it was only a line in the shade, Sunny parts were left open (and it was a hot day!).

By this time I had worn a really big blister on my right food so I was limping a bit (so much for sandals!) but up to the Picasso exhibition “Pity and Terror – Picasso’s path to Guernica.” It was a very moving exhibit going from his early work through single sketches of the horrors of war to his early sketches of the piece then, around the corner, the work itself. The room had 50 or more people in it and it was completely silent. I did get choked up a bit by the whole thing and some random guy put his hand on my shoulder and smiled. I took it as a sign that he understood. Amazing piece.

Then as an aftermath I went into a Dali exhibit – but my foot was killing me so I headed out of the museum back to the hotel.

Took a break for a while and put on sox and shoes, then Alice and I headed out to get some dinner. It was still quite hot but we found a little place with sprayers right across from the Sofia. Had Paella for dinner and some sangria. Then headed back. Alice hit the hotel but I went and looked for ice cream, I fear, without success. Then back to the hotel to nurse my foot.

Tomorrow we will take the “Madrid Bus Tour” and see what develops.

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