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Carpe Diem at Winnebago's Visitor Center

Carpe at the Sioux Falls Costco

We enter Iowa east of Sioux Falls

Iowa 9 is a wonderful drive

Sat, 01 July: Driving day two of two...

We slept well at the Mitchell SD Cabella's. We awoke at daybreak, which is around 0600 at this location and on Central time. We got ourselves and "things" ready for the road and Bob pulled out a minute or two after eight.

We hopped back on I 90 and continued east seventy-some miles to Sioux Falls where we picked up I 29 south a few miles to a local arterial that took us to the Sioux Falls Costco. Yes, Costco! We had not visited since Denver and we needed our Costco "FIX", so a stop was in order. We pulled into their lot at 0935 and took a dozen spaces for the two Carpes

We didn't have many items on our list, but there are a few things that only Costco seems to stock. Their rotisserie chicken, aged gouda cheese, pre-cooked bacon are three that come to mind and found their way into our basket and (now) our fridge. On the way out Bob picked up two slices of their pizza to go. And "go" we did as we pulled out of the lot some 55 minutes later.

We picked up I 229 for a few exits and then SD 42 east toward Iowa. At the state line SD 42 becomes Iowa 9, which took us east. IA 9 is a nice state route that parallels I 90 a dozen or so miles to the north in Minnesota. The last time we took I 90 thru Minnesota it was so rough it shook things loose all over the coach. The state route is lovely most of the way and far, far less hectic.

We stopped for lunch (warmed up Costco pizza) at a turnout and Sandi took the wheel. We continued east until IA 9 merges with US 69 and runs south to Forest City. We arrived at the Winnebago Visitor's Center at 1440 and found many available sites, each with 50 amps of power and courtesy of Winnebago. We chose the one closest to the Visitor's Center where we can hitch hike on their free wireless. Yes, we're cheep...

We're here for the annual Grand National Rally, which starts in a few weeks. We're going to help out on the parking crew again this year so we're here early to help set things up. We hope to update this entry during the rally so please keep tuned.

Today's drive was 253 (just eleven miles fewer than yesterday's. How's that for splitting the trip?) with a respectable fuel economy of 8¾ mpg.

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