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View of Morocco with Gibraltar in the front

Waiting for the ferry

Bye bye Gibraltar

Martil campsite, scruffy but welcoming.

Monday 1st May

Set off at lunchtime, everyone came to wave us bye. There are 3 mhomes plus a car & caravan. Completely coincidently, we met John and Barb, in a brand new Carthago, and Dave, with Land Rover+ caravan, last Thursday and we all got together for a drink which was lovely so we knew each other before leaving camp. So we left together and drove the short distance to the meeting place.

Unbelievably, we broke down again.

Can't believe it. We managed, after a very slow struggle to get to the meeting place. Ray the tour leader, and his family, met us and took us through a 2 hour session, then we had a meal in the restaurant before settling down. It is a huge lorry park with a hostal, bar restaurant, garage, caravan parking.

Tuesday May 2nd

Everyone else left at half nine,boohoo, whilst we waited for a mechanic. This time it was an electrical fault...we were on our way again and in the queue for ferry by 3pm. Ferry left at half 5, we couldn't believe how few people were on it, less than a hundred including staff! It is warm and sunny, the sea calm. We stayed on deck the whole trip after the police checked out passports and details.

There were only 2 more British people on board. Teachers from Seville, Pam and friend who we got chatting to, and unbelievably Pam is a good friend of a lady we met by chance yesterday morning while taking Blue for his walk prior to taking him to Su's..Andrea's dogs, Izzy and Kia, Roy and Blue had met before up the hills, but not met Andrea to speak to. We had a long chat about dogs, she uses Su for kennels for her dogs and wouldn't take them anywhere else.

It is coincidences like this that really make you wonder why/how? If we hadn't broke down we would not have met Pam, or if there had been more people on the ferry, etc...but even more strangely, 2 nights later we were to meet again, 200 miles away in a huge bustling town....

Off the ferry, put clocks back to British time, we followed instructions and after a long tiring drive on horrendous roads mostly in misty cloud in the high mountains we were VERY relieved to arrive at our first camp site at Martil, before dark....scruffy but welcoming. The others appeared after half hour they'd been to nearby restaurant. We were too tired to eat, just crashed out till morning.

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