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WW II British Sailor Cemetery near NPS campground near Cape Hatteras Lighthouse

juvenile black crowned night heron?

walked 1/2 mile to find this?

nice view from west of lighthouse

Indian Blanket - common flower today

omg - pair of adult bald eagles outside the window!

best pic I could get with small camera

small section of trail - cool!

my destination - trail is 4 miles! This is 1/4 mile out

looking south from platform

looking West towards sound

looking North at trail and towards bridge over Oregon Inlet

looking east toward visitor Center and Atlantic

killdeer was quiet here

Today was a day for hiking and looking for letter boxes. I found six of them and should have quit while I was ahead, but I went to the back end of Buxton Woods and couldn't find the first couple that are in there after walking on an old trail that isn't maintained well for two hours. It was too hard to recognize clues like a pair of tall pines since they were everywhere! I also wasn't willing to walk off the path into thick foliage, some of which is thorny and there might be snakes!

I also tried to walk to a closed campground, assuming it was closed for the season, but found the road just before the campground is full of water. At least that walk took me to another British graveyard that I wasn't expecting. From all this, I got my 10,000 steps in by 12:30! At this time (8:10 PM), I have over 19,000 steps, making up for a slow day yesterday!

After a hamburger at an Italian restaurant (huh?) at 2:30 PM, I drove 20 miles north of Avon to visit the Pea Island National Wildlife Refuge. Looking out of the window in the visitor center, I saw a pair of eagles on a man-made stand! They may be preparing for wintering here! Even though I was tired from walking, I walked the North Pond Wildlife Trail (also called the Charles Kuralt Trail) out to the viewing platform. Even though the day is cool, the winds have abated from yesterday and when they calmed, the sun felt good on my back!

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