Our 2014 Trip Lhasa Tibet to Kathmandu travel blog

we climbed 1060m over 23 ks from Dolalghat

a luxury room

heat haze obscures the view

hotel courtyard

leaving Dhulikhal

traffic not busy yet

a little patch of country

on motor way into Kathmandu

buses pull -out suddenly

a lull in the traffic

almost at hotel

pete hands over his merida bike to Shivar

the alley way to our hotel

a typical kathmandu bike

our favourite store for clothes, bags etc

small shop at hotel

June 14. Saturday day 16 30ks downhill to Thamel, Kathmandu. Ride time 1hr,20mins. Everyone was feeling quite nervous about riding in Kathmandu traffic, and Simon who was yesterday bumped into a ditch by a bus chose to ride in the van. Apart from a short 100m climb, most of ride was downhill . A thrilling and frightening experience, dodging fume- spewing traffic , buses cutting in front, motorbikes coming from all directions!. The photos don’t really show how chaotic the traffic became as we got to the centre of the city. What a wonderful feeling to arrive at the hotel-… alive!! Then almost a sense of sadness that its all over…we were welcomed with cold beers and we congratulated each other. Unfortunately our bags had not arrived because the van had run out of petrol, so we got to cleaning the bikes with cold water and shampoo! Quite a tough job, grease and mud hard to shift. Some paid the Sherpas to clean bikes and they got bike tyres shined with black KIWI shoe polish!! Pete and Nickie went out on one more shopping spree to buy pashminas. Pete went to an air cargo company to check out cost to send one of his new bikes home, but it seemed a bit complicated and not so much cheaper than taking it on the plane with him. Spent hours dismantling bikes and packing into boxes. Mohan hosted a farewell dinner at the hotel, lots of funny stories and trip memories shared.

June 15, Fly to Kuala Lumpur 9pm

Woke at 5am,( body clock thinks its 8am Tibet time) so went for our first breakfast. After 2nd breakfast Nickie went to carpet shop with Julia and Jan, who both bought several thousand $ worth of beautiful carpets. Finally managed to pack bike box and bags within weight limits except for Petes second bike box, for which he had to pay 360$NZ at check-in. Lunched at Rosemary Café, but sadly no apple pie left! Went with Julia to airport @ 5pm. When we eventually got 2 trolleys for our 3 bike boxes and 6 bags , we could hardly make our way into the check- in through the masses of people moving against us. What a relief when we got our boarding passes, and could relax for 3 hrs til our flight……but then with only 20 mins til boarding Pete realised he has left his phone at the previous xray machine !! Security made Pete log in to his phone before he could have it back. Uneventful flight to KL , enjoyed a 12 hr rest at an airport hotel.

June 16-17 flight to Auckland.

That's it folks until the next adventure........

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