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A city street

Market stalls

Sunset over the harbor

Musicians on the street

The group

The last full day with the tour group. We took a motorcycle taxi down to the harbor and bought some souvenirs in the local market. Stopped in at a bar for lunch and had a couple drinks. Ella took over for the piano played and banged out a nice tune! Quite amazing – the pianist clapped when she was done as well as several of the patrons.

We ended the day at Havana harbor eating dinner with the whole group on the second floor of a house overlooking the Atlantic. Beautiful sunset. The group went and walked the harbor a bit – several musicians and many couples on the sidewalk next to the sea. A final group picture and off we went. Several stopped in a bar near the hotel to listen to music and have some rum and cigars, then a final night at the Plaza Hotel with the group.

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