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We got up this morning with the chickens, had a cup of coffee and said our goodbyes. We were on the road by 6:30 a.m. We stopped about an hour later and had breakfast at Denny's. We both ordered the Grand Slam with coffee and water. My neck was still bothering me so I reluctantly gave her the truck key and let her drive. Not that she is a bad driver, but I just wanted to having bragging rights to driving every mile of the 5000+ miles we are going to rack up. However, she did safely get us to Santa Rosa, NM.

We stopped at a Mexican restaurant to eat before we checked into the hotel and we ended up ordering the same meal again...we both ordered a taco salad with water. It seems like the longer we are married the more alike we become. If this keeps up it will be as if we got married to ourselves.

When we take a trip (truck or motorcycle) we always count how many state license plates we can see. So far we have 46 of the 50 states. We even saw a Hawaii and a Washington D.C. license plate. We still need New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Delaware and North Dakota. These are the states we always have trouble with. I can understand not seeing N. Dakota plates because hardly anyone lives there. And the ones who do live there are afraid to leave for fear of Skin Heads taking over.

Tonight Prudy and I are celebrating New Year's Eve in the hotel room. Prudy is eating marshmallows, Cheetos and drinking a watered down margarita. I am eating Cheetos, M&M's, taking pain pills and having a margarita. Prudy doesn't know I took the pain pill...yet. Might be interesting to see what happens.

We will be headed out early tomorrow for Las Cruces. Shouldn't be too many people on the road and those that are, well, they are probably lost.


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