Anne & Tom's Turkey Adventure travel blog

On board the tram - a fast way to get around.

Down at the waterfront

There were lots of ferries

The skyline of Istanbul from the water

The lighthouse that marks the entrance to the Bosphorus strait

Government building


The second bridge where we turned around to go back



Bosphorus strait - Black Sea on top and Sea of Marmara below

American food!

Turkish food is good, but Tom likes his Big Mac

So does this Woman!

Dinner at the top of our hotel Sultania

Lamb shank

Grilled Slamon

A toast to a great day

May 22

We tried the tram again today and were pleasantly surprised at the smoothness of the ride to the harbor where we checked out the meeting place for our "Taste of Istanbul" experience tomorrow. Then we got tickets for the hour and a half boat tour of the Bosphorus strait which forms the border between Europe and Asia and flows between the Black Sea and the Sea of Marmara. Our boat ride was flanked by the city of Istanbul which is both European and Asian depending on which side of the strait you are located. There are a number of suspension bridges that span the strait and we went as far as the second bridge and then turned around. I have included a picture from the web that shows the strait from a satellite image.

Back on land, Tom was hankering for a bit of "American food" and Anne found a McDonald's! Just as at home, they were doing a "land office" business and a woman in her burka was quite successful in eating her Big Mac.

Dinner that night was at the top of our hotel. When Tom realized he had forgotten his iPhone (for the camera), he went down in the elevator, but found himself in the lobby of the "sister" hotel next door. Anne began to get worried since he did not return very quickly. He had to exit the "sister" hotel, find his way back to the Sultania lobby, go up to our room, and then back to the restaurant! The meal was good, but the view from the roof-top was of satellite dishes and construction cranes.

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