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Simpsons Gap

Ellery Creek Big Hole

Ochre Pits

Ormiston Gorge

Day 17 of our hike: Saturday 13 April

Alice Springs to Ormiston Gorge, West Macdonnell Ranges

Today we had to unfortunately leave the Atkins as they had to stay in Alice until the next Thursday waiting for their radiator to arrive from Sydney. We are heading to the West MacDonnell Ranges that was also in Mums list of must dos.

We headed on the road, ready to discover some more information and find something new to say “wow” at. Quite quickly we found a spot that we stopped at. This place is called Simpsons Gap. Here we looked at the water hole that you weren’t allowed to swim in. It didn’t look too inviting. I have a photo with me touching the water when I was 3 years old so I got another photo here touching the water.

Nobody knows the history off who this place was named after and there is not much information known about this place.

We hit the road again in an air conditioned car.

A little while later we saw a place that you could swim in, this was very welcome as it was a sizzling day. Of course we could not resist to stop at this place named ‘Ellery Creek Big Hole’. The water was between two immense rocks that you could swim to one side to the other side. In the distance you could see this very little wallaby standing right at the top on the edge of the cliff. We really enjoyed our swim here.

After our cool down we got back on the road but we didn’t stay on the road for long. Next stop was at Ochre Pits, we parked the car and walked to this fascinating place. This place was where there was lots of different coloured soil that the aboriginals used to use to do their rock art. It is a very special and sacred site to them.

Back in the car again we drove to Ormeston Gorge and decided that this was the place that we were going to set up camp. We set up camp and had an extremely refreshing swim more like freezing!

Ormiston Gorge is a waterhole that is surrounded by sand except for one side where there is a tall cliff. At some bits of the water hole it got to 15metres deep! We had fun doing laps and then got out ready for sunset.

Our camping neighbours here were a family that have a very cute 2 year old daughter, we actually had meet this family at a few previous campsites.

We watched the sun go down We had a delicious dinner and spent the rest of the night talking to the new family. We went to sleep listening to the dingos howling which was very fascinating. Mum and dad got a fright when a dingo ran past them when they went to the toilet in the middle of the night!

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