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Almost in the snow


Up in the clouds

Ok kids - the word for today is SNOW. Venturing northeast from Spezia, we can see snow capped peaks in the distance. "Wouldn't it be nice to be driving thru there" we say. Prophetic words to say the least. As we hurtle further north it soon becomes apparent that indeed that is where we are headed. We climb thru 800m and soon we are surrounded by snow covered slopes and fields. the temp has dropped to below 4 degrees and visibility has decreased to just 50m or so. It truly is a magical drive. The snow serves to accentuate the bleakness of the towering cliffs, and hints at what a wonderland this place would be in the middle of winter. Soon we are cresting the range and dropping back down the other side, still surrounded by snow.

If this is any indication, our wish for a white Xmas may be easier to fulfill than originally thought.

It's starting to get dark as we hit the outskirts of Verona (and its only 4pm), and soon we are booking into our next home for a couple of days, Hotel Borghetti.

Note: Remember to read the menu carefully - a few of the dishes on the hotel restaurants menu has the word "horse" in its description ( Navigator Julie has already mentioned she refuses to eat Trigger!!!

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