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Our campsite at River Trail Crossing RV Park

Chip's way over there by the creek, past the laundry. You can...

Penny and Chip getting ready to fish under the bridge

THIS is what you go to a fair for!! Food!

A funny bunny

A funnier rooster

At the beginning of the alpaca show, they let handicapped kids "lead"...

We have a short drive today so we didn’t get underway until 11 :00 with overcast skies above us and Route 36 below us. Miles and miles of corn and soybean fields…often right up to within 10' of the farmhouse. I never knew Ohio was such a "farming" state! It appears all the rain the northeast has been having this year has done a world of good for the farmers in this area. Now, just so it doesn't rain during harvest time, they should be okay this year. Also passed a herd of buffalo in a field next to a steer field. Wonder if the farmer cross-breeds these. And road construction! Lots of road construction...or re-construction.

After a nice uneventful drive through a lot of woodland and farmland, we pulled into the River Trail Crossing RV Park around 2:15. Surprise! They didn't have our site for us! Evidently there was some confusion over when we were coming and who was coming and where we wanted to be (I had made reservations for Chip (W/E by the river) and us (full service pull-thru a bit further back)) but they were able to put us into a temporary pull-thru site for the night which, after a bit of grumbling from me, turned out to be just fine. We just packed up and moved to "our" site the next day. And what a beautiful, very large (for a private campground) site it is!! It's not as close to Chip's campsite as I'd like it to be but other than that, it's perfect. I think next year, we're going to stay at this campground and just drive the hour to our doctors' visits. So quiet; so dark at night. Out in the country next to a soybean field. And there's a paved biking trail that goes right past it so there's a nice area for walking (and geocaching!)


Chip and Bonnie and Rocco (their very vocal cat!) came in this morning with their camper and picked a site about 10' from the river so they'll have the sound of the water to lull them to sleep each night. Everyone in that section left this morning so they have the whole area to themselves. Very nice. They're only here for 2 nights because Bonnie has to go back to work on Tuesday but we're going to stay until Friday, at least. We moved to "our" reserved campsite today. Very nice. Very long. I really like this campground.

Chip and I (and Taco) went down to the bridge to check out the fishing hole there. Poor Taco! We decided to blaze a path to down under the bridge and it was rough going for a little dog with short legs but he did a good job climbing over all the debris the flood left behind. I'm pretty sure he was a happy camper when we climbed back up and once again he was on level ground with no obstacles! He slept well that night!


Bob, Chip and I did some fishing but didn't catch a thing. It's such a nice river, you'd think there'd be something in it but they had a flood 3 weeks ago and the whole campground was under 5' of water so I guess all the fish got washed downstream and haven't made their way back up yet.

Chip and I did a little geocaching along the bike trail and got totally eaten by mosquitos! They are in abundance right now because not all the ground has dried out since the flood. In a week or two, they'll be gone.

Played some Apples to Apples and some Greed over at Chip's campsite this evening. Had a good time.


Sadly said goodbye to Chip and Bonnie as they had to go home so Bonnie could go to work this afternoon. Took Nellie trailblazing and she, too, did a really good job as we climbed the weedy hill between the campground and the bike trail. Every once in awhile, when she and I take an extra long walk, she stops to look back every so often to make sure her "house" is still in sight. This time, however, she lost sight of it completely and just had to forge ahead anyway.

This afternoon, Bob and I went geocaching and ended up near the property of the Ohio branch of Gold Prospectors Association(GPAA). We talked to one of the fellows there and he told us there really is gold in the river. Unfortunately, you have to join the GPAA if you want to pan at their property but you can pan for free at the campground. I think, however, that all the gold is probably well downstream right now because of the flood.


Today was "visit the doctors day" so Bob and I drove up to Sandusky to get our annual checkups. I have to go back next week for a bone scan and mammogram. We'll be up there by then.

Tomorrow we sadly leave this campground to go to Sandusky. I'd love to stay longer but someone else has this site reserved so.......Onward!! Northward then westward.

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