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Castillo San Marcos

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Presbyterian Church

It was really windy this morning and Dixie had been up all night because the shades were clacking. When Dixie is up, we are all up. In any event, we decided to go to St. Augustine to do some sightseeing.

What a lovely old Spanish town. Founded in 1565, it is certainly the oldest continuously occupied city in the U.S. and over the years, was occupied first by the Spanish and then off and on by the English. Finally, when America bought Florida, St. Augustine came with the purchase and how lucky we were to acquire this gem.

The town is anchored by the Castillo San Marcos, a star shaped structure constructed of coquina shells that, because of their “softness” cushioned the blows of cannon shells that bombarded the fortress. The fortress was never conquered; merely ceded as part of some negotiated peace.

Our National Parks Golden Access pass got us into the fort for free! Paid for itself in one trip – seniors pay $10.00 for a lifetime pass. It is a real deal since it would have cost us $14.00 to enter with tickets.

The churches are magnificent, especially the Presbyterian Church and Flagler college is really a lovely campus in the old Spanish style. The main street in the historic district consists of all shops, a la St. Martin. I would have preferred to see more of the actual neighborhoods and we did stroll around some of the streets off the main drag. We also visited the lighthouse but didn’t go up.

Then, back to the RV where we picked up Dixie and headed to the beach. She is like a sanderling – she will walk or run on the beach but the minute a wave pushes some water her way, she skirts the water like the plague; just like the little sanderlings that populate the beach. Saw the osprey again and because it was so windy the surf was much rougher; apparently prime conditions for the brown pelicans and osprey to locate prey. Lots of Ruddy Turnstones in their winter plumage on the beach along with a willet or two and the ever present sanderlings, including Dixie.

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