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Chantilly, France August 14

We went to the Chateau and the town of Chantilly for the whole day.

As there were 400 people from bus tours in the Chateau itself in the morning, Grammar and I explored the grounds and town. The original formal gardens were designed by Le Notre in the mid 17th century.

There are very good signs in town put up by the Tourist Bureau. We found out that the first fine porcelain was produced there in 1732. This was another area, like Sevres and the German states, where people were trying to copy the Japanese Kakiemon pottery.

In the afternoon, we had an excellent tour of of the Chateau de Chantilly in English - just Grammar and me. (We wish we had known that we should have given the guide a tip.). The collections of paintings and tapestries are beyond imagination. We were particularly taken with a hexagonal art gallery that is an excellent example of the principles of museology for its age.

Grammar and Anti Peggy were at this location 18 years ago. At that time the adjacent Great Stables/Museum of the Horse was open to the public. These marble stables, housing 240 horses and 400 hounds, were built by Louis Duc de Bourbon. He believed that he would be reincarnated as a horse and therefore deserved fine accommodation. The stables are currently being renovated.

We roamed around the extensive grounds but we avoided the traditional maze with its high hedges because I (Snowflake) could hear lost people in there. Being a very small bear, I was afraid I would never find my way out. Grammar was scared too. Instead we toured a not tall, botantical maze that had lovely flowers and good texts.

Grammar bought a great book with drawings and text from the Oise area. It made her decide to write more in her sketch book and to stay longer in this area.

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