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October 17-18, 2012 – Emporia, Kansas

October 17 – I took the coach in this morning. He got the LED lights put in for me. He was surprised at how bright they were. One of the LEDs replaced 2 of the fluorescents. They are bright enough that they cast shadows on the floor. The switches for the slides have not come in so I’ll have to wait for them. I talked to Carl about the hitch on the motor home and the base plate on the car. The base plate is mounted crooked, and I backed into a post and damaged the hitch on the coach. He is going to see about getting me a new hitch and also a base plate.

I went to the IHOP for lunch. Yesterday, I did not see anyone who had worked at the Village Inn, but today I saw several. The IHOP folks kept all the ones who wanted to work in their new restaurant. Cathy was very positive about the new owners.

I went to the bank and cashed in my coins. I had a little over $80 which was good.

I came back to the coach and spent the afternoon uploading some pictures and watching the Reelz channel series Bomb Girls. The wind has really come up, and I’m glad that I’m not trying to drive in it.

Tonight I joined Sue and John and Joan Sheridan at the “Real Men Can Cook” fundraiser. It was a lot of fun, and the variety of food was good. There was venison chili, smoked meat loaf, broccoli and cheese soup, chicken and noodles, meatball sandwiches, pumpkin cookies, raspberry tacos, and more that I can’t remember. It was fun trying all the different things. It was held in a huge tent which had sides on it so that we were out of the wind, but the acoustics were really bad so that it was hard to talk to anyone. Add to that, a group that was singing and playing instruments, and the noise level was pretty loud. I was glad to leave.

October 18, 2012 – Today I slept in. Carl called this morning to say that he could get me a new hitch and a base plate which was actually made for my car so that I wouldn’t have that crooked thing anymore. It will be here on Tuesday or Wednesday of next week so I’ll be here until then. Hopefully, he will also have the switches for the slides by then.

I’ve worked crossword puzzles and done laundry today. I found a repeat of the Bomb Girls series so I watched it again. It is set in Canada in 1941 before Pearl Harbor. Canada was at war because they were part of England, but the US had not yet gone to war. The “girls” worked in the munitions factory making bombs. There was a lot of prejudice against the women working, but there were no men to do the job. It is a very interesting 6 part series. That’s all it was originally scheduled to be, but it has been so popular that they have a new 6 part series coming out which will start in a few weeks. If you get the Reelz channel, I strongly recommend that you watch it.

The wind has continued to blow today. It was gusting at around 35-40 mph or more. Even if I had gotten everything on the coach done yesterday, I wouldn’t have left today as I don’t like driving in the wind. I didn’t even try to go sightseeing because of the wind. It would have blown me away every time I got out of the car. It just didn’t seem to be worth it. If the wind has calmed down tomorrow, I’ll do some running around to see things, but if not, I’ll just stay put again.


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