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Day 4: Today we got up early enough to make some eggs and pack up all of our belongings in the car because we were leaving our condo in Williamsburg. We drove away from Williamsburg to a Museum in Yorktown. There we saw many things such as remains from a sunken Revolutionary War ship which had things such as old spoons and shoes. There we also saw a man firing a musket that would have been used in the Revolutionary war. After we were done with looking at the museum, we ate our lunch (sandwiches) in front of the museum. when we were done, Uncle Dan, Cole, and Sam went to a huge water park while me and my mom took a trolley and went on a sailboat over Yorktown River. When we were done sailing, we visited the Virginia victory monument. Then we saw a band of flute players and drummers. I learned that the drums can be heard from across the battlefield, and it was sometimes used to give orders from the general. After we were done looking at the monument, Uncle Dan picked us up in his car and took us to the city of Suffolk where we met relatives and had a nice dinner. Cosmo

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