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B&B Stratford on Avon

Yve attracting the swans

Here come the swans

Shakespears birth place

Trinity church Shakespear's burial site

We have had some really good places to stay, all found at the last minute. THey were comfortable, proprieters were very helpful and breakfasts were substantial.

We had a walk around the Avon. Very picturesque. Loads of white swans and some white and grey Canadian geese (learned that's what they were later!)

We then had a guided tour. The guide was very enthusiastic and very obviously loved her home town. However we couldn't go into any of the places other than the church (and even there it was suggested we make a donation). We were told we could come back later and pay for the privilege. We didn't. But walking around the streets was still interesting. We passed a few shops that Yve and I thought would be worth exploring later, but we had left the car at the B&B and told the owner that we would have the car out by 1pm, so we had to go.

We did get a sheet of sayings. I'll just give you one. 'Through thick and thin'

George 1 was German and couldn't speak English. But he had two mistresses, one thin and one fatter. SO to get to the king you went through 'Thick and Thin'

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