Penny and Bob's Great Adventure - 2012 travel blog

THE Johnson Ranch?

Oklahoma REALLY welcomes you

Sketch of Foss Lake

A little history



You can see how low the lake is

Our campsite

There is a bison herd here - The Bisons' Story



And there was one single bull walking across the field.

A little history of Canute



In the local cemetery

A replica of Jesus' tomb


And one little stuffed monkey guarding the door outside

No flowers on any of these

Many of the graves were "Unknown"

So sad. But she has flowers now!

Abandoned on Route 66 (There was a geocache here)

And now we're in Oklahoma, at the Foss State Park. This is a nice park with 3 or 4 separate campgrounds spread out over 5 or 6 miles but we chose the Cedar Point area because there are sites right on the lake. But these were pull-thru sites (front towards the lake) and the front of our house is the bedroom area so we really didn't have a view of the lake except from the living room or if we were sitting outside.

It seems like a lot of people just leave their campers here week to week and come up on weekends because we basically had the campground to ourselves for a day and a half.

The lake is down here, too, but the smaller boats still can get out there for the fishing. Let's see...there's a bison herd at the office. They were out in their fields (100 acres or so) when we first got there but we did see them that evening and later, as we were leaving, we saw one of the big bulls closer to the road.

Foss is a very small town (not even a gas station) so one day we drove back to Elk City to get gas and groceries. We stayed in Elk City back in 2008, also, but weren't overly happy with that campground. It does have a Route 66 Museum (saw that last time) and a great restaurant but we couldn't find it this time.

Our geocaching took us to a cemetery in Canute the one day. There was a statue of Jesus' crucifixion and a replica of his tomb. It was very windy here and in one area, a lot of flower arrangements had been blown into the fields. Bob and I collected a bunch of them and tried to anchor them on the graves that had simple stones as markers. At least they had flowers for a day.

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