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changing the tire - Ross

Ross and Anki

an interesting piece of landscape

1500+kms of road

more road

A 5am Sue-ann

walking to the cave of the hands

hands on the wall dating back 7370 BC

Cueva de las Manos

Rio de las Pinturas

Ross, Juli,' Anki Mollie

Ross, Anki, Sue-ann

Stuart, Jo, Ross, Ross

Sara, Liz, Kim , Di

7500kg Easter Egg just tried abit not too bad!

Saint Bernards


main squarenof Bariloche note the paintings of scarves on the pavement

went in on Easter Sunday and they were singing Dylans Blowin in...

Juli coming down the chair lift as I was going up

wood carving

view from the top

Lago Nahuel Huapi

just a really cool pine tree now trying to find ut what...

Bariloche and surrounds

it even has a beach

cracking the giant easter egg

we wnt chocolate

Bariloche harbour



playing a new instrument

la playa near our hostel

the hostel dog - he takes you to the bus and today...

our hostel

chillin' at the hostel





the lake beach

Left the beautiful El Calafate for a long drive to see The Cave of Hands - planned to arrive around 5pm but had a flat tire quite a big job to change on a truck and didn't get there until 6 so by the time we had a good look around and made and ate our dinner it was dark and we still had about 2 hours to our camp site so we all agreed to just keep going - not something I would like to do too often got here at about 2pm around a 30 hour trip and our seats don't lay back so not too comfortable but we survived - I think it may be an earlyish night for all tonight. I didn't get any sleep during the night as I had an aisle seat and couldn't get comfortable. In the morning I threw a small tanty and was given a double set so got at least a couple of hours kip. Did approx 1500kms. Way too long for one trip. Bariloche is a very pretty town set on the shores of a huge lake Lago Nahuel Huapi and is surrounded by snow capped mountains - in the winter it is a very popular ski resort. Such a difference from the dry and grey land we have driven through for the past few days. It so nice to be staying in the same place for more than a couple of nights. We have a dorm with 9 of us and one very small bathroom - you just have to be quick. Not too often we have to share with so many and it was all pretty OK considering a couple of snorers and a couple of late nighters it also got a bit stuffy but couldn't have the window open as it was too cold out and too windy. The hostel itself was a great place to stay not fancy but comfortable. About 11kms outside of Baliroche.

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