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A view of downtown Nashville

A short visit with Elvis

The river boat General Jackson docking downtown

The Parthenon

Mike and the kids cooling off at Mike's house after a hot...

Today was spent in Nashville acting like tourists. We got a fairly late start because we were going with Mike and Melissa and one of their children had an optometrist appointment. It was very hot. I discovered after a few hours that the heat and humidity was not agreeing with me too well, but....

We arrived about lunch time so we went to a truly authentic Nashville restaurant...Sbaros, or something like that. Its actually a nationwide chain of italian sandwiches, spaghetti, etc.

We wandered around the old town area of town. There was lots of music coming from lots of bars. Most of them were quite good. We went in to a few of them for a few minutes, just to listen. After wandering several blocks of sightseeing, including some souveniere shops, record shops, etc. we stopped at Mike's ice cream and had some ice cream.

We went down along the river. We got there just as the river boat, Gen Jackson, was docking. Took some pictures of the river boat and then went to a fort on the river that has been preserved by the Metropolitan Parks Department

We then drove by the Parthenon...a recreation of the original Parthenon in Greece. They were having some kind of festival next to it and parking was non-existent, so we didn't stay. We may go back another day.

We headed by to Mike's to relax and recuperate. Mike and the kids went swimming and then we had barbequed hot dogs and hamburgers.

Came back to the coach to finish the day and relax a bit before calling it a day.

See you tomorrow.

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